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You pledge to support Ron Paul ‘4’ President in the 2012 election cycle. Take a stand ‘4’ what you believe passionately in, who we believe in to be the best chance for a better tomorrow; we believe in Ron Paul. You are pledging for Restoring America Now with Ron Paul leading our nation through our most troubling of times. 2012 get active locally now and participate in helping make reality President Ron Paul by getting involved and organizing for the state and national conventions, spreading the cause of liberty  with your support 4 Ron Paul 2012 and the eventual presidential campaign (our cup is half full) afterward. Alternatively, even if all you do is promise your vote through a pledge, you’ve done something positive for the cause of liberty.

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More Than A Man, It’s A Mindset

The allure of Ron Paul is not just the philosophy he exudes but also the logic he presents when speaking of liberty. When you grasp just a few pillars of liberty it becomes evident as to why its message has such monumental momentum behind it. The reason being: the message transcends the man, liberty becomes more than just an idea; it evolves into a personal philosophy - a way of life. There is a role for each of us in the cause for liberty and when we now ignite the burning passion for it; we all, each one of us, become our own Ron Paul ready to do our part in carrying on the message of liberty.

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